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Who We Are

Heine is a founder-operated public relations agency providing corporate consultation services. We ensure that products and services are talked about - both online and offline - with a focus on interactive strategies. We’ve been excelling in this field for twelve years now.

How We Are

We are young and experienced, professional and passionate, strategic and creative, quick and accurate, flexible and straightforward. We always have a keen eye on current developments and changes in the industry.

What We Do

We develop PR strategies, topics and concepts, and we are communicators, using cutting edge media solutions. We work from a first draft through to a finalized concept - be it a 140 character tweet or a more complex ghostwriting job. We keep up to date on all relevant channels – from classic media to online media and other digital influencers.

Our Services

Corporate PR

We help our clients develop their own voice. Our excellent contacts to relevant media ensure that our clients’ requests receive the necessary attention and emphasis.

Product PR

We give products and services presence by processing them thematically for our media contacts and by presenting them in an adequate and relevant context.

Social Media Influencers

We know that words and their symbolic meanings can have a great impact. That is why we network with bloggers and are in close contact with important multipliers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other relevant platforms and channels. Our direct contact to those key positions enables us to have a goal-oriented flow of communication.

Our Customers


Product PR consumer, specialized press, B2B relevant topics for marketing-specialized press and specific industries


Product PR, influencer relations, placing of Instagram stories. News, lifestyle topics, celebrity content, etc.


Corporate PR, Autorenbeiträge,
 Interview, Speaking Options


Media co-operations, press relations for N-JOY concerts

NDR Kultur

Pressearbeit und Kooperationen für NDR Kultur Foyer Konzerte sowie die Konzertreihe NDR Kultur Neo

NDR Info

Pressearbeit für die OffAir Promotion-Reihe
 "Quizzen, was die Welt bewegt"


Produkt PR, Corporate PR, Interviews, Strategische PR Beratung


040 / 609 456 7 – 71